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“When I took the opportunity to have Stewart King review our shop, I did not realise it would make such a difference. Stewart’s fresh eyes and professional expertise have been invaluable. Our members were surveyed and the entire shop layout reviewed. Stewart spent time watching traffic to the counter, and then tabulated the members surveys before coming up with a suggested plan. I am happy but also surprised by the result.
Every single person who has come into the shop since the changes, have made comments on how good it looks, how fresh and uncluttered even though there is still the same range of products on display. The dozen golf balls, the gloves, the putters, the grips, the shoes, the buggies all are in excellent and new locations, and the arrangement of the clubs is effective and helpful to staff. Even though some weeks have gone by comments are still being made and I can see the changes translating to better sales. I am grateful to Stewart for his help and I highly recommend him”.

Mark Griffin, Head Professional
Beaconhills Golf Club,  Melbourne VIC

“Golf Connect exceeded expectations on the delivery of an outstanding working model to maximise our potential and grow an already busy business. This system is backed by a wealth of knowledge from Stewart King that could assist in many areas of golf retail. We would highly recommend this service to anyone wishing to further develop their business”.

Brendan Woods, General Manager
Yarra Bend Golf Course, Melbourne VIC

“Stewart turned a small awkward space into a proper retail shop that now has an orderly, logical and attractive feel to it – the changes he made were truly amazing. My customers continually praise the changes. The new layout now draws people around the product and this is starting to translate into sales. Stewart’s strategy on pricing and promotions is also seeing positive results as I am starting to attract customers that would normally shop elsewhere. Stewarts ongoing assistance brings a great sense of comfort to me as I know I am working with an expert in the field or retail”.

Alison Munt, Head Professional
Gladstone Golf Club,  Gladstone QLD

Our customers are continually commenting on how clean and professional the changes have made our shop look, our turnover of higher margin items has increased and my staff are now more engaged in this side of the business than ever before.
Thank you for your hands on merchandising program, both for myself and my staff”.

Shayn Barnham, Head Professional
Virginia Golf Club, Brisbane QLD

“Stewart has exceeded expectations in the creation and delivery of a modular based retail golf shop program. The current format of this program has enabled Srixon to implement a national roll out for its key green grass customers. The program is underpinned by a wealth of retailing knowledge that assists golf shop operators across a variety of retailing components. I have been inundated with positive feedback from key customers who have praised the ease of implementation, as well as the positive impact it has had on their sales and profitability“.

Keith Ikawa, Managing Director
Srixon Sports Australasia

“The members have had plenty of positive feedback in regards to displays and flow through the store. The feel of the store is much more organised and open. The positioning of items have also made the shopping experience more fulfilling. Stock management is also easy to decipher as all items are together and we are able to manage stock levels more precisely.
I have no doubt this process will grow my business and I am recommending the Srixon Retail Program to my fellow Club Professionals”.

John Victorsen Jnr, Head Professional
Wantima Country Club, Brisbane QLD

“The merchandise program provided by Golf Connect is unbelievable. The change in our shop presentation was immediate and customer compliments have not stopped. Our new golf ball display draws customers straight to it – many cannot take their eyes off the display!
The most exciting part is the additional training and follow up provided by Stewart. I have no hesitation in recommending the program to any club professional wanting to improve their business, and strengthen their position with their management, and committee”.

Stephen Tieck, Head Professional
Alice Springs Golf Club, Alice Springs NT

“You have helped immensely in being able to see areas that needed work, as well as tying those areas into the overall layout of the golf shop to generate increase sales.
You have helped me become more aware of the various ways in increasing sales, not only by a better store layout and merchandising, but also in our general discussions over the preparation and implementation phases. The retail knowledge pack that you have handed to me will be used regularly to ensure that we stay on the right track to a successful business.
The feedback from our members, visitors and club management has been fantastic, and I am sure that we will see a growth in our sales numbers in the coming months.
To any PGA professional out there that wants to make their business more profitable, I could not recommend getting on board this program highly enough”.

Lee Dawes, Golf Retail Manager
Warragul Country Club, Melbourne VIC

“Your expertise in this field is first class, and I have no hesitation in recommending you and your company’s services.
The whole experience regarding the implementation of the new store layout was great. You didn’t just change the stock around, you educated both myself and staff on how we should present all items for sale.
The feedback from everyone at the club from management, members, guests and other vendors was one of WOW the shop looks great!
I now look forward to seeing our sales benefit from your assistance”.

Ian Pritchard, Head Professional
Mt Osmond Golf Club, Adelaide SA

“The General Manager was not only impressed with the new shop layout, but also the manual with all the sales techniques and is going to implement something similar in the restaurant/bar.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Golf Connect for all the hard work to reconfigure our Golf Shop. Prior to the implementation of the Srixon Retail program our shop was very disorganised and cluttered, which made it hard for customers to move around to find what they were looking for. We now have all our categories grouped together with easy access for customers to make their way through the shop, and showcase our extensive product range. Not only does the shop look better, but with the help of the Knowledge Pack all of my staff now have a better understanding of what products we stock, and the features of each product. This pack has also armed my staff with better selling techniques which has given them a lot more confidence when helping our customers satisfy their needs“.

Scott Cubis, Director of Golf
Gosford Golf & Function Centre, Gosford NSW

“The Srixon Retail Program is one of the most positive moves I have incorporated into our business. Stewart’s knowledge on store layout and presentation was delivered in a very confident, relaxed and assuring manner.
The stores new layout has been very well received by my members and staff alike. From locating store hot spots and watching traffic flow Stewart designed a plan that allowed us to display our stock in a much more professional fashion, and easy to access for our customers.
This in return has seen an improvement in all sales, most notably balls (dozens / sleeves) and gloves. Stewart’s presence was not only utilised with the store layout, but more importantly for me stock control, merchandising and point of sale.
My staff, club management and myself are extremely happy with the Srixon Retail Program and feel the decision made to implement Stewart’s knowledge and ideas vital to improving our business”.

Darren Chivas, Head Professional
Everglades Country Club, Gosford NSW

“Since the implementation of the Golf Connect Retail golf shop program customers can see and access all of my stock with ease. The flow of the store has improved dramatically, it looks full of merchandise, and has made things a lot easier when it comes to stock control.
I cannot wait to see how the sales report look”.

James Single, Head Professional
Port Macquarie Golf Club, Port Macquarie NSW

“Just thought that I would give you some feedback regarding the recent roll out of the Srixon Retail Golf Shop program at Headland Golf Club. Prior to the implementation of the program my golf ball, golf glove and accessories turnover for the last 3 months had shown a steady improvement of approximately 5% – 10% month on month growth. Subsequent to the implementation of the new store layout of the golf shop my golf ball sales increased by 50% in the first month and was up by a further 5% in June.
I appreciate that some of the incremental improvement will be due to added rapport being built with the members, however the significance of the growth can in my opinion be largely attributed to the roll out of your retail golf shop program“.

Adam Norlander, Head Professional
Headland Golf Club, Brisbane QLD

“He was super organised, thorough, and followed through with everything. The program was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I am wrapped with the way my shop now looks, and more importantly more productive in terms of sales. I would recommend anyone looking to improve their business to contact Stewart  and getting the ball rolling ASAP! It’s a no brainer!”.

Mark Jackson, Head Professional
Melton Valley Golf Club, Melbourne VIC

“Once I made the decision to implement the changes to our golf shop I now wish I had commenced the Srixon Retail program earlier. The look and feel of the shop has dramatically changed for the good, and Stewart King from Golf Connect has an eye for displaying and merchandising like no other.
Now that our shop has been simplified, the customer, and my staff can find what they are looking for so much easier than before. On the back of this Srixon are providing us with  monthly promotions, and are actively involved in making our pro-shop work more effectively and more profitable”.

Russ Davis, Head Professional
Coolangatta & Tweed Golf Club, Brisbane QLD

“Stewart King and Steve Ward arrived here early on Monday morning, and by lunch time the following day had totally redesigned our layout. We now have a lot more space on the shop floor without removing any products. All of our products are now presented in a way that gets customers walking around the shop, touching the stock, whereas they used to just walk in and out. There was a cost to purchase the shop fittings, but the finished product outweighs the expense.
I highly recommend anyone that wants to go down this track to do so”.

Kevin Law, Head Professional
Maryborough Golf Club, Maryborough QLD

“Wow what an amazing finished product. From the moment you enter the shop the sharpness and clean lines hit you, sales are through the roof. The customers also spend more time in the shop, and therefore are more inclined to make a purchase. In this environment every sale is important, and customer engagement paramount. The flow of the shop and the placement of product is perfect for the impulse spend. I love the multiple price points and signage.
Stewart you are a true professional and I thank you”.

Robert McNamara, Head Professional
Hills Golf Club, Brisbane QLD

“The process was very organised, there was minimal disruption to the running of the shop over the implementation of the program. The 2 days you spent in the shop produced an outstanding result. We now have a much better layout, which is easier to operate in and more enjoyable for staff. The customers are not only saying what a great new layout, but are also finding the products easier and purchasing them.
I should have done it sooner “.

Paul Hazlett, Head Professional
Pacific Golf Club, Brisbane QLD

“Not only were we able to freshen up our retail space in a very cost effective manner, but we have also managed to expand the merchandising standards of our team, and implement a very strong promotional program which has seen an increase in shop sales of over 10% within the first 3 months. Changing the mindset of our Members is now a key focus, and based on our results thus far is certainly bringing our business great results“.

Danny McGrath, General Manager
Rosebud Country Club, Melbourne VIC

“Highly recommend Stewart King form Golf Connect for those looking to revamp any retail space. His services were provided in a professional and timely manner and has helped our business increase sales – particularly the higher margin items. Stewart provides on-going support to ensure the changes have been effective, and will offer solutions for any issues“.

Brad Ulph, Director of Golf
Woolooware Golf Club, Sydney NSW

“I had Stewart King from Golf Connect implement a new store layout – the transformation has been great. Stewart’s knowledge of merchandising impulse items is outstanding and my sales have increased in this area. I am now selling more balls, gloves, hats, tees. I couldn’t speak more highly of the work that he does. With the number of players far less than what they used to be, we must maximise every opportunity and the new look of my store has done this.
On the first day of having my ball display of dozens I sold 5 dozen balls. The best part was they were all green fee players who would normally buy off course or on-line.
Do yourself a favour and contact Golf Connect and see what they can do for your store”.

Ben Traeger, Head Professional
Mt Barker-Hahndorf Golf Club, Adelaide SA